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An-Nisaa’ - سورة النساء

ﮱ ﯓ ﯔ ﯕ ﯖ ﯗ ﯘ ﯙ ﯚ ﯛ ﯜ ﯝ ﯞ ﯟ ﯠ ﯡ ﯢ ﯣ ﯤ ﯥ ﯦ ﯧ ﯨ ﯩ ﯪ ﯫ ﯬ ﯭ ﯮ ﯯ ﯰ ﯱ ﯲ ﯳ ﯴ ﯵ ﯶ ﯷ ﯸ ﯹ ﯺ ﯻ ﯼ

Overall meaning : Addressing His Prophet, Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, Allah Almighty says: Your companions ask you for rulings concerning women. Say to them: Allah Himself instructs you about them, as well as about what is recited to them in the Qur’an about the female orphans under their charge, for some of them may oppress them by denying them their prescribed share of inheritance, preventing them from getting married to continue benefitting from their wealth, or taking part of their dowry when they marry them off, among other practices, if they are not interested in marrying them; or by denying them their rights by not paying their dowry in full in case they desire to marry them on account of their beauty or wealth. He also instructs them about the helpless young children, stating that it is their duty to give them their share of inheritance, among other obligations, not to unjustly take their property, and to act justly with respect to orphans and protect their rights, adding that He is fully aware of whatever good they do and that He will surely reward them richly for it.

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