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Al-Fatihah - سورة الفاتحة

ﭖ ﭗ ﭘ ﭙ ﭕ ﭛ ﭜ ﭚ ﭞ ﭟ ﭠ ﭝ ﭢ ﭣ ﭤ ﭥ ﭡ ﭧ ﭨ ﭩ ﭦ ﭫ ﭬ ﭭ ﭮ ﭪ ﭯ ﭰ ﭱ ﭲ ﭳ ﭴ

Overall meaning : Allah Almighty informs His servants that all praise is due to Him alone and instructs them, on the basis of such information, to praise Him, glorify Him and exalt Him with all forms of praise that He alone deserves, for He is the Most Merciful, to whom belongs all dominion. He further instructs them to worship Him and seek His help alone, and to ask Him alone to guide them to the clear way that does not bend or curve—the way of those whom He has blessed and upon whom He has bestowed His favours, not the way of the Jews who have incurred His wrath, nor that of the Christians who have gone astray.

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