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Al-Anbiyyaa - سورة الأنبياء

ﭑ ﭒ ﭓ ﭔ ﭕ ﭖ ﭗ ﭘ ﭙ ﭚ ﭛ ﭜ ﭝ ﭞ ﭟ ﭠ ﭡ ﭢ ﭣ ﭤ ﭥ ﭦ ﭧ ﭨ ﭩ ﭪ ﭫ ﭬ ﭭ ﭮ ﭯ ﭰ ﭱ ﭲ ﭳ ﭴ ﭵ ﭶ ﭷ ﭸ ﭹ ﭺ ﭻ ﭼ ﭽ ﭾ ﭿ ﮀ ﮁ ﮂ ﮃ ﮄ ﮅ ﮆ ﮇ ﮈ ﮉ ﮊ ﮋ ﮌ ﮍ ﮎ ﮏ ﮐ ﮑ

Overall meaning : Allah, Exalted and Sublime be He, says: The time of people’s judgement for their deeds has drawn near, yet they heedlessly turn away from this fact and ignore this warning. Whenever a new Qur’anic revelation comes down to them from their Lord and is recited to admonish them, they listen to it but take it in jest, their hearts set on worldly vanities and desires, and so they never understand what it contains.
The transgressors from among the Quraysh gathered together and, in an effort to dissuade people from believing and following Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, they plotted to spread rumours about him and conferred secretly, saying, ‘Is this man not a human being like yourselves? The Qur’an he has brought is nothing but sorcery. How can you, then, follow him when you can clearly see that he is no more than a mortal like yourselves?’
The Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, is instructed to leave the whole matter between him and the unbelievers to Allah. He said to them, ‘My Lord has knowledge of every word spoken in the heavens and the earth, and He knows full well what you said in secret and is fully aware of your conditions; He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing.’ Rather, the unbelievers have denied the Qur’an. Some say, ‘It is but a medley of dreams.’ Others say, ‘It is all lies and he has invented it himself.’ And yet others say, ‘He is a poet and what he has brought is no more than poetry; and if he wants us to believe him, let him, then, bring us a tangible miracle attesting to his truthfulness, such as Salih’s miraculous she-camel, Moses’s staff and Jesus’s miracles, with which Allah had previously supported His messengers.’

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