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Fussilat - سورة فصلت

ﭪ ﭫ ﭬ ﭭ ﭮ ﭯ ﭰ ﭱ ﭲ ﭳ ﭴ ﭵ ﭶ ﭷ ﭸ ﭹ ﭺ ﭻ ﭼ ﭽ ﭾ ﭿ ﮀ ﮁ ﮂ ﮃ ﮄ ﮅ ﮆ ﮇ ﮈ ﮉ ﮊ ﮋ ﮌ ﮍ ﮎ ﮏ ﮐ ﮑ ﮒ ﮓ ﮔ ﮕ ﮖ ﮗ ﮘ ﮙ ﮚ ﮛ ﮜ ﮝ ﮞ ﮟ ﮠ ﮡ ﮢ ﮣ ﮤ ﮥ ﮦ ﮧ ﮨ ﮩ ﮪ ﮫ ﮬ ﮭ ﮮ ﮯ ﮰ ﮱ ﯓ ﯔ ﯕ ﯖ ﯗ ﯘ ﯙ ﯚ ﯛ ﯜ ﯝ ﯞ ﯟ ﯠ ﯡ ﯢ ﯣ ﯤ ﯥ ﯦ ﯧ ﯨ ﯩ ﯪ ﯫ ﯬ ﯭ ﯮ ﯯ ﯰ ﯱ ﯲ ﯳ ﯴ ﯵ ﯶ ﯷ ﯸ ﯹ ﯺ ﯻ ﯼ ﯽ ﯾ ﯿ ﰀ ﰁ ﰂ ﰃ ﰄ ﰅ ﰆ ﰇ ﰈ ﰉ ﰊ ﰋ ﰌ ﰍ ﰎ ﰏ ﰐ ﰑ ﰒ ﰓ ﰔ ﰕ ﰖ ﰗ ﰘ ﰙ ﰚ ﰛ

Overall meaning : Those who deviate from the truth regarding Our revelations (such as by denying them and distorting or changing their intended meanings) are not concealed from Us. Is, therefore, someone who will be cast into the Fire to be punished in it better or someone who will be secure on the Day of Resurrection and be spared Allah’s punishment?! Do as you will, idolaters. Allah sees everything you do.
Those who reject the Qur’an after it has come to them will surely be losers. This Qur’an is indeed a sublime and mighty book that none can possibly produce its like or refute its compelling arguments. It is so invincible that falsehood cannot approach it from any direction at all. It is a revelation from the All-Wise God who puts everything in its perfect place, the All-Laudable who is free from all defects and imperfections.
Nothing is being said to you, Muhammad, other than what was said to the messengers before you; therefore, have patience. Your Lord extends His forgiveness to those who repent and turn to Him, but He also inflicts a painful punishment on those who persist in their unbelief and disobedience.

Had We revealed this Qur’an in a language other than Arabic, the Quraysh unbelievers would still have objected to it, saying, ‘Why has Allah not explained its verses in detail to us in our language so that we may understand it?!’ They would have still objected to it, asking in surprise, ‘What! Why is it in a foreign tongue and the messenger is Arab?!’
Say in reply, to them, Muhammad, ‘To the believers, this Qur’an is a sure guide and a remedy from physical illness as well as from doubts and uncertainty; but as for the unbelievers, there is deafness in their ears, and so they never benefit from listening to it; and they are blind to it, unable to see the truth it contains or be guided by it. It is as if they were being called from a place so far off that they can neither hear the call nor understand it.
We gave Moses the Torah, but his people differed about it. Had it not been for a prior decree from your Lord, Muhammad, to delay the unbelievers’ torment until a specified term, He would have destroyed them at once. As it is, the unbelievers are in grave, disquieting doubt about the Qur’an and the truthfulness of His messengers.
Whoever does good deeds actually does so for his own good, but whoever does evil deeds does so to his own loss. Never is your Lord, Muhammad, unjust to His slaves!

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