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Al-Qiyyaamah - سورة القيامة

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Overall meaning : I Swear by the Day of Resurrection, and I swear by the believer’s pure soul that reproaches him for abandoning good deeds and committing misdeeds [that people will be brought back to life for judgement and recompense]. Does man imagine that We will never put his bones together again after their having been scattered and reduced to dust, and then raise him from his grave?! Yes, indeed. We are able to assemble his bones again and put to perfect order even his very fingertips after they have been scattered and reduced to mere dust! The One who is capable of gathering together the smallest bones is, with all the more reason, more powerful to assemble the bigger ones!
Yet man desires to continue committing sins in the days ahead of him. He mockingly asks, ‘When will this Day of Resurrection be?’

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