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Qaaf - سورة ق

ﰁ ﰂ ﰃ ﰄ ﰅ ﰆ ﰇ ﰈ ﰉ ﰊ ﰋ ﰌ ﰍ ﰎ ﰏ ﰐ ﰑ ﰒ ﰓ ﰔ ﰕ ﰖ ﰗ ﰘ ﰙ ﰚ ﰛ ﰜ ﰝ ﰞ ﰟ ﰠ ﰡ ﰢ ﰣ

Overall meaning : Paradise will, on the Day of Resurrection, be brought close to the righteous and God-fearing who observe what He commands and avoid what He forbids: It will be at a place not far from them at all. This is the reward Allah has promised everyone who constantly turns to Him, always respects His rights and keeps His commands, who fears Allah in secret when no one is with him and comes on the Day of Resurrection with a heart entirely and exclusively devoted to the love and obedience of his Lord.
They will be told, ‘Enter Paradise in peace and security, totally safe from all evil and harm. This is the day when eternal life in Paradise will begin.’ They will have everything they desire in Paradise, and We will have yet more rewards for them such that they have never ever perceived!

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