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Al-Qadr - سورة القدر

ﭑ ﭒ ﭓ ﭔ ﭕ ﭖ ﭗ ﭘ ﭙ ﭚ ﭛ ﭜ ﭝ ﭞ ﭟ ﭠ ﭡ ﭢ ﭣ ﭤ ﭥ ﭦ ﭧ ﭨ ﭩ ﭪ ﭫ ﭬ ﭭ ﭮ ﭯ ﭰ ﭱ ﭲ ﭳ

Overall meaning : We sent the Qur’an down on the Night of Power (Laytal-ul-Qadr) in the month of Ramadan. What will make you realise what the Night of Power is, Muhammad?! The Night of Power, in its goodness and blessings and the reward for the good deeds done during in is far better than a thousand months.
On that night the Angels and Gabriel descend from the heavens to earth, by the permission of their Lord, with His decrees concerning every matter. It is a night that is all peace and is free from all evil and harm, and that is from sunset until the break of dawn.

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