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Section I: The Merit of Friday The Ruling of the Friday Prayer The Ruling of Repeating the Friday Prayer

Firstly: The Merits of Friday
Friday has many merits that numerous Hadiths demonstrate, including: The best day during which the sun rises is Friday. Jews and Christians are after believers: we have Friday while they have Saturday and Sunday.
Secondly: The Ruling of the Friday Prayer
The Friday prayer is an individual obligation. Consensus on this was related by al-Kasani, Ibn Qudamah, Ibn Taymiyyah, and Ibn al-Qayyim.
Thirdly: Multiple Friday Prayers in the Same Locale
It is not permissible to offer multiple Friday prayers in the same locale without need. Doing so is permissible due to need or necessity. If two mosques suffice, it is not permissible to hold it in a third or more. This is the well-known position of the Maliki school, the sound position of the Shafi`i [556] Multiple Friday prayers are not not permissible according to Shafi`is unless the locale is large and it is difficult for them all to gather in one place, such as if there is no place in the locale that can accommodate them all without hardship. In this case, multiple Friday prayers are permissible according to need. school, the position of Hanbalis, one position among Hanafis, and the position of most scholars. [557] As Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn Qudamah that he knows no contestor to this except for what has been related from `Ata’.

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