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Section I: Trimming the Moustache and Lengthening the Beard

Firstly: Trimming the Moustache
1. The ruling of trimming the moustache
It is a sunnah to trim the moustache, and this is by agreement of the four schools of jurisprudence.
2. How to trim the moustache
The Muslim is given the choice [105] This ruling also applies to the extremities of the moustache, referred to as handlebars. A verdict from the Permanent Committee headed by Ibn Baz states: “It is not permissible to leave the extremities of the moustache, rather all of it should be trimmed or shortened following the sunnah.” Verdicts of the Permanent Committee – The First Collection (131/5). between trimming only the tip ends of the moustache [106] This is by cutting the hair which falls onto the upper lip until its top edge is visible. This is the position of the majority: Hanafis, Malikis, and Shafi`is. and shortening it all. [107] Haff refers to exaggerated shortening. This is the position of the Hanbalis [108] Haff is preferred for them. , the choice of al-Tabari, and the verdict of the Permanent Committee.
Secondly: Lengthening the Beard
It is an obligation to lengthen the beard, and haram to shave it. [109] The beard will be thoroughly discussed in the section of clothing and adornment.

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