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Section III: Charity on Cows

Firstly: Nisab for Charity on Cows
The nisab for cows starts at thirty cows, and for that number there must be a one-year old calf given in charity, male or female (tabi` or tabi`ah). In forty cows, there must be a two-year old calf (musinnah) given in charity. For sixty, it is two one-year olds, and two two-year olds, and so on. For every thirty it is a one-year old, and for every forty it is a two-year old. This is by agreement of the four schools of jurisprudence, and it is the position of the Zahiris.
Secondly: Charity on More than Forty but Less than Sixty
There is nothing to be given in charity for the number of cows between forty and sixty. This is the position of the majority: Malikis, Shafi`is, Hanbalis, a narration from Abu Hanifah chosen by Abu Yusuf and Muhammad ibn al-Hasan, and it is the position of the majority of scholars.
Thirdly: Tabulated Legal Charity on Cows

Wajib Charity

No. of Cows

No Charity


Tabi` or Tabi`ah




2 Tabi` or Tabi`ah


Tabi` and Musinnah


2 Musinah


3 Tabi`


2 Tabi` and 1 Musinnah


1 Tabi` and 2 Musinnah


4 Tabi` and 3 Musinnah


And so on with one tabi` for every thirty, and one musinnah for every forty.
Fourthly: The Ages of the Tabi` and the Musinnah
A tabi` is a one-year old calf, and the musinnah is a two-year old calf. This is the position of the majority: Hanafis, Shafi`is, Hanbalis, and a position among Malikis.

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