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Section V: Charity on Invested Capital

Firstly: Defining Invested Capital
Mustaghallat linguistically: The use of mustaghallat is to take its ghallah, which is a term used for the produce harvested or financial gain profited from a piece of land.
Mustaghallat terminologically: is wealth not intended for selling in itself, though used for its growth. This would either be through selling its produce or renting it itself. [872] Mustaghallat include real estate, from homes to block of flats, factories, aeroplanes, ships, cars, and other things the benefit of which is sought without consumption of the thing itself. Commerce is when the thing itself is being bought or sold, changing ownership from one person to another. Homes, flats, etc., may be invested capital or not depending on the intention of the owner.
Secondly: The Ruling of Invested Capital
Charity of invested capital is taken from its income, not its value, and this is after the passing of a calendar year from it reaching the nisab. This is the position of the majority: Malikis, the correct position of the Shafi`is, and Hanbalis.

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