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Section III: The Wisdom behind the Prohibition of Prayer During These Times

There are wisdoms behind prayer being prohibited during these times, including: As for when the sun begins its descent after its zenith, it is because Hell is set ablaze at this time, and it is lit up in the fiercest way. As for the wisdom of not praying when the sun is rising or setting: Distancing oneself from the actions of pagans, for they prostrate to the sun as it rises and sets. The sun rises and sets between the devil’s horns. Closing the door that leads to a prohibited act. The original ruling is that it is prohibited to pray when the sun is rising and setting. However, the Lawgiver also prohibited praying after fajr and `asr in order to close the door that might lead one to continue praying until the prohibited time. Among its wisdoms as well is to offer a time of relaxation and rest such that one might turn to prayer with increased vigour and renewed desire. People become tired, bored, and bothered of things that are always available. When prayers are prohibited during certain periods, the boredom disappears.

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