| 2 Doctrine of Monotheism

Defining Riddah (renouncing the faith apostasy) linguistically and terminologically

Riddah linguistically:  To deflect from a thing to something else. The source of this statement of yours is: Raddahu, Yarudduhu, riddah. Its origin points towards renegading of a thing. [21] Tahtheeb al-Lughah, al-Azharee, vol.14, p.47; as-Sihaah, al-Jawharee, vol.2, p.473; Maqaayees al-Lughah, Ibn Faaris, vol.2, p.386; al-Mufradaat, ar-Ragheeb, p.349; Mughnee al-Muhtaaj ilaa Ma'rifah Ma'aanee Alfaadh al-Minhaaj, ash-Sharbeenee, vol.5, p.427.

Riddah terminologically:  It entails breaking off the connection of Islam with the intention of disbelief or giving up the genus of good deeds on which the validity of Imaan depends, especially, the prayers; or the statement or act of disbelief, irrespective of whether he stated or did so as a ridicule, or rebelliously, or as a matter of creed.” [22] Al-Mughnee, Ibn Qudaamah, vol.1, p.238; Minhaaj at-Taalibeen, an-Nawawee, p.293; as-Saarim al-Maslool, Ibn Taymiyyah, vol.3, p.865.