| 2 Doctrine of Monotheism

The Impediments of Takfeer

According to the scholars of Ahl as-Sunnah wa al-Jamaa’ah, the hindrances of Takfeer are four: ignorance, mistake, interpretation or doubt and compulsion.
Thus, if anyone falls into disbelief practically or verbally, thereafter, the proof is established against him and it has been clarified to him that this matter is an act of disbelief that removes one from the religion, yet he persists on doing so voluntarily without being compelled, deliberately, without committing error neither misinterpreting; then he has committed disbelief, even if the driver for that is one’s desires or some worldly interest. [139] Al-Fasl Fee al-Milal wa al-Ahwaa wa an-Nihal, 140 - 144), al-Ihkam fi Usool al-Ahkaam, both by Ibn Hazm (1/49); Majmoo' Al-Fataawaa, Ibn Taymiyyah (12/500); at-Tawassut wa al-Iqtisad fi anna al-Kufr yakunu bi al-Qawl aw al-Fi'l aw al-I'tiqaad, Alawee Al-Saqqaaf, p.14.